Friday, February 5, 2010




I've kinda been feeling... bored, lately. As most of you know, I'm a stay-at-home-mom, and that's just what I do - stay at home and take care of Macy. Now, I LOVE doing this, but I don't ever DO anything else really. Burin goes to work, I stay home and go on Target runs, Macy isn't really old enough to do anything with, we've never had a playdate, we go to my parents on Sundays to visit, and I see one of my friends about every other week or so and grab something to eat and maybe go to a movie. And as far as true hobbies or 'extra-curricular' stuff - zip. zilch. nada. I feel a little like I've lost myself since I'm not in school or at an outside job anymore.

So, I've been thinking lately about some stuff I'd kinda like to do:

*Get my 'craft' back on. I used to have an Etsy shop, but closed it before Macy was born. Actually, it was when I found out I was pregnant because I couldn't use resin due to the toxic fumes. But, I've kinda missed those bottlecaps, rubber stamps, and magnets. Granted, I only made a few sales on Etsy, but it was fun just making stuff for the heck of it. Maybe I should dig it all out again.

*Learn Thai. Burin and I have been together for ten years and no, I haven't learned Thai yet. (What. You expected me to be fluent already?) I read some reviews about the Rosetta Stone program, which is supposed to be the best language learning tool out there, but there were lots of bad reviews of it and the way it was set up. Basically, I think it teaches as if they expect you to already be able to READ Thai. You expect me to be able to read those spaghetti noodle curly-Q's? I don't think so. Speaking is one thing, but reading and writing it is a whole 'nother thing. I do know a few phrases and words, but that's all. Anyhow, I still think I need to learn it, and Rosetta Stone is still a possibility. I don't want Macy and her daddy to talk about me and not be able to understand it!

*Learn some kind of graphic arts program. I'm a very visual person and I like to design my own things. I was trying to work on Macy's birthday invitation last night using Picasa - a photo-editing program. I guess it's cute (and I might use it) but it was gettin' on mah nerves. The text/font kept wanting to do its own thing. Anyway, I'd love to be able to make my own Christmas cards and all, like the one I ordered from a girl on Etsy. There are some cute first birthday invitations on there, but I really don't want to spend a lot of money on it since I won't be sending very many out. Any suggestions for easy-to-use graphics programs? Adobe? ......?

*Cook more. Or should I say, learn to cook more. I can hardly boil water, folks. Cooking is not a passion for me, and I don't really enjoy it. When I do cook, it seems like I make the same stuff over and over. And it seems like most of it comes out of a box or a can. Ugh. And I'm a very picky eater, so that doesn't help much. I don't typically like soups or casseroles, there's not a lot of veggies that I like, I don't eat seafood. Seriously, if it swims, I don't eat it. Period. Burin, on the other hand, will eat absolutely anything you put in front of him and not complain about it. I'm always looking at new recipes, but nothing has jumped out at me yet. But seriously, I need to learn to do something because Macy will soon be eating only table food! Having a kid just changes everything, doesn't it? (And ironically, I think I could watch cooking shows all day long. Something about them just fascinates me.. the ingredients, the food prep.. not that I would ever eat any of it though! lol)

*Read more. Books, magazines, whatever. That's an easy one though. Just gotta peel my eyes from the computer long enough.

So there you go. That's my kick-boredom-in-the-butt list. Now someone just needs to give me a butt-kick so that I can get into gear and do something!


D:No said...

awesome!! can't wait to hear how your adventures take off. I love learning new things and hearing about other peeps learning new things. Ya'll just can't go off and say stuff about us in Thai once you learn it....ok? :)

The Thornton Family said...

NOT what I needed to hear/read, Brandi. I'm going to be staying home when after Allie is born and this is exactly why I've never thought about being a SAHM. I'm so scared I'll be bored. Not likely since I'll have a newborn AND toddler running around but I will miss interactions with other grown-ups. Oh well, I guess I'll figure something out.

If you do pull out your crafts again, you could consider having a booth at the Belhaven Market or something like that. You could still do the Etsy thing too but this would get you out of the house once a week.

I'm wanting to learn to sew now that I'll have a girl to sew for. I'll let you know how that works out......


Brandi said...

oh don't worry, stacey! i don't think it has anything to do with being a SAHM necessarily.. i think it's just more me being lazy about stuff! LOL.. but also, burin and i aren't involved in a church or any other group, we have VERY few friends, macy isn't old enough to be involved in dance, sports, etc.. so we just don't ever really see anybody or have anybody to do stuff with.

but anyway, when you start staying home, try not to lose contact with your work friends! make it a point to meet up with them every so often to keep up that communication and 'grown-up time!' :) i personally cannot imagine having to drop my baby off at a daycare and going to work. i know that some people don't really have a choice and that sometimes the kids LIKE daycare, but i feel lucky to be able to stay at home with macy.

tell me more about this belhaven market?

(and regarding sewing, i think i'd secretly like to learn to do that too! lol.. just kinda seems like a big undertaking with having to buy a machine, fabrics, etc. and taking the time to learn it. and i'm pretty sure i'd have to take a class - i can't imagine teaching myself something like that! ha..)

mom-e-mae said...

Don't know how I deleted my comment, but I wrote that you could check out the story times at the library. They have it geared towards toddlers and it's fun!
I am so a domestic novice. It is harder than people think to keep a home running and keep yourself on task or to even start a task. There is so many leisure activities at home that it takes self-discipline to get up and get busy.
I have such a desire to learn to sew, but I'm like you, no knowlege, no time. I do have a cheap machine, but I think it's a piece of junk. I can't justify buying a nicer one, though, because I'll probably still suck.
Brandi, you definitely should start learning Thai, now, so you and Macy can learn it together. Babies can learn 2 languages at the same time, especially if it is used regularly in the home.
You're welcom to join us at our playgroup sometime, I'll invite you via facebook, we meet at parks, or the Play Place, or similay once a week, and we also have Egg hunts, Valentines parties and so on for the kiddies :)

Brandi said...

thanks gina! just last week we took macy to the play place for the first time and we liked it and definitely plan to go back - actually will probably take her on her birthday thursday. also, we went to 'mother goose on the loose' at the library here in ridgeland for the first time last week (she was a wild child running all over the place while all the other children sat quietly and listened/watched!) but we do plan to go back to that as well. so - i'm really working on getting out of the house with her about once a week. it'll be good for both of us.