Wednesday, June 30, 2010

{Strawberry Girl}

(Yes, I cut off her name. She moves too fast. And no, she won't smile for the camera.)

Macy loves strawberries. Loves them. Asks for them by name. By the name of "daw-bay," that is. And she cannot say "daw-bay" without a smile on her face. Every time we open the refrigerator, she says "daw-bay! daw-bay daw-bay daw-bay!" She will eat strawberries any time of the day - morning, noon, or night. Whenever you put one in her face, she will eat it.

So, since she loves them so much, what did I have to do? Get her a daw-bay shirt, of course! I headed on over to Etsy (Etsy never fails), and came across this children's t-shirt shop called ispotyou, and had to immediately put my order in for a personalized strawberry t-shirt! It is so cute and well-made, and I look forward to shopping there more in the future when she has a new favorite obsession!