Monday, May 12, 2008

Headed Back to the Land of Thai

Well in about 24 hours we're headed back to Bangkok! We'll be gone for one week and are going for his brother's wedding which is next Sunday the 18th. I'm actually kinda looking forward to this trip because the last two were for unfortunate reasons and they were just very emotionally draining.

Anyway, it's our first trip as an engaged couple.. aawwwww. I know, I know... *gag*


Friday, May 2, 2008

A new day, a new month, a new... relationship status?

Ok I'll get right to the point WE'RE ENGAGED (as most of you know by now)!

Eight years on and it finally happened! We had of course been talking about getting engaged off and on over the years. We always knew we'd eventually get married, it was just a matter of starting the process and making it official, and now seemed like the 'right' time. We just wanted to make sure we were the one for each other! :D

So we went shopping for our rings last weekend in Hollywood at a shopping center called Hollywood & Highland. We had kinda looked in this store called Teno before and both remembered that we really liked their jewelry. It's a German company and everything in there is stainless steel and has a really modern and unique feel to it. We 'bought them out' so to speak, and ended up getting both my ring and band, and his band as well. No, this isn't your traditional engagement ring, but hey, when have we ever been traditional? hehe.. I love it. :)

I didn't get to wear the ring right away though, because Burin wanted to have a proper proposal and had in his mind how he wanted to do it. He happened to be off work yesterday (May 1), so we went to Seal Beach yesterday morning and luckily there was nobody really around (or we would have had to find someplace else because we all know how modest I am and don't like to cause a scene!). So he quickly got down on his knee in the sand by the water with the seagulls as our witnesses and asked. And that's when I said those three little words:

"It's about time." :)

Afterwards we went to have brunch at a restaurant that was right there on the water, and then went on about our day. And that was it.

We'll more than likely have the wedding in MS because we all know Doris ain't gonna get on a plane and come out here :P .. and we're thinking around August/September? I'll keep everyone posted with the details as I know them!

So, back to reality, everything has been great out here in CA! We're loving it. The gas prices, not so much. Tenneille rode out here with me when I moved in mid-March, and we had a blast the two days she was able to spend out here. We did a touristy Hollywood tour on one day and went to a taping of Deal or No Deal the next day. That particular episode (Star Wars-themed) actually aired this past Monday night and we were able to see ourselves a few times in the audience! Other than that, Burin and I mostly hang around here, though we have ventured out a time or two and rode along the Pacific Coast Highway, which in some areas has amazing views of the Pacific from a cliff. One of my favorite things to do is go to Hollywood and ride along Hollywood Blvd. or especially the Sunset Strip, look at the neat shops and restaurants, and watch for celebrities! LOL.. haven't had any sightings yet though, unfortunately (except for the time that Forrest Whitaker was on the same plane as I was coming from Memphis to LA). Maybe one day....