Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is more for my record than anything else really, but I just wanted to post Macy's words at 16 months! She has picked up a lot since her 12-month list!


*baby (which could mean baby, belly button, or the iPad)
*nigh-nigh (night-night)
*boo (balloon)
*ah-doe (all done)
*daw-bay (strawberry)
*new-me! (for excuse me! after she burps) -my personal fave right now :)
*bye-bye tee-tee! (when we flush)
*bop bop bop! (for hop hop hop like a bunny)
*cacka (cracker)
*why-why (Super Why and french fry)
*dooooo (close.. as in close the door)
*bow (bowl)
*way (rain)
*gop! (cup)
*gah (car)
*guh (girl)
*goga (yogurt)
*shoe (can't really spell how she pronounces it!)
*pea (peach)
*the-the (for paci or sassy as I sometimes call it)
*bah! (bath without the 'th')
*co-co (color.. as in color with crayons)
*day dow! (lay down)
*Poppyyyy! (my dad), Da-da (Dottie, which I think she just confuses with the word daddy), and Kee (Chris).... although she doesn't really call any of them by name yet
*and just today she said "day-doooo" (thank you) when I gave her a cracker


*Mo-Mo yu nai? (Mo-Mo where are you?)
*bai baow (let's go)
*and she will put her hands together for the Thai greeting "sawatdee ka"



Also, something interesting that we've noticed is that she has translated a couple of words. The other day I told her to drink some water and she said "naam" (which is of course Thai for 'water'). And then Burin sometimes distracts her by holding her and going around to all the windows to look outside for Moby, and he says "mei mee" (which roughly means 'he's not there'), and she says, "no MoMo." I just find this fascinating, but I think that it is common for bilingual babies to do that.

I love that she is talking more, and she will try to repeat almost anything I ask her to. So fun!