Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sailor Chicks

I've never been interested much in sailing or anything, but I recently (as in yesterday) heard about a 16-year-old girl from California who just left on a mission to sail around the world solo and unassisted, going for world record for the youngest to circumnavigate the globe. There's also another 16-year-old out there from Australia who is doing the same thing. Anyway, I have become fascinated with their stories and just started following their blogs. Even though all that sailing lingo goes right over my head, it'll be interesting to follow their journeys and see where they are and how they're doing.

Talk about following your dream, huh? I know I'd be scared to death doing something like that - being alone, out in the middle of the ocean, encountering bad weather/rough seas and possibly pirates?! No thanks. But I do admire their courage.

Here are their links:

Sailor Abby from California

Sailor Jessica from Australia (I LOVE her pink boat!)

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The Thornton Family said...

Oh, neat! I've not heard about this yet, but then again they don't usually report things like this on noggin/nic jr.
I'll have to check them out