Sunday, September 30, 2007

Trading Pine Trees for Palm Trees

Back in March of this year, Burin went out to California to visit some friends for several days, and basically loved everything the area (L.A./Long Beach) had to offer - the beach, the mountains, the weather, the food, and just the diversity of it all. He began thinking about how he might like to live and work out there, and possibly in the future open up his own urgent care clinic for the Thai population out there (~100,000). So, "for fun," he applied for his CA medical license back in April. According to the Medical Board's website, it would be a six to nine month approval process, so we weren't expecting to hear anything until at least the end of the year. Well, only nine weeks later, he received his very own California medical license in the mail. We certainly weren't expecting things to move so fast!

Over the next several weeks, he began applying for jobs (as previously mentioned, he would eventually like to open up his own clinic, but instead of doing it right off the bat, it would be better for him to get to know the system, get to know people and locations and all, so it's better that he get a 'regular' job to start off with). Eventually, he got three interviews lined up for the first week of August, so we took a little vacation! It was my first time to visit Southern California, so we did lots of sightseeing and touristy things around LA, Hollywood, Malibu, Venice Beach, Long Beach... and while it still felt like a vacation, it was weird knowing that we could possibly be LIVING there within the next few months! But somewhere in between all the fun stuff he went on the interviews. He didn't feel too positive about the first two he went on, but the third one, everything clicked. This was the one he felt the best about all along (a hospitalist position at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center - comparable to Baptist or St. Dominic's here in Jackson). About a week after we returned from the trip, he got a call and was offered the position. ( ! )

So yes, that's right: we're moving to California! He is slated to start his employment with LBMMC January 1, 2008.

"What about you, Brandi?" you might ask. I'm excited as ever and scared to death all at the same time! I've lived in Mississippi (and right around my family) practically my whole life, so this will definitely be a life-altering experience. One I'm looking forward to though. :) The world is so much bigger than Mississippi, and those who know me well know that I'm a city girl who loves to travel and experience different places. And, I've always wanted to live somewhere else, so here's my chance.... I guess to Burin, this is "just another move," since he's lived on the other side of the world and a few places in between :)

Burin actually does not want to sell the house here just yet because it's in a good location, businesses and shopping centers are popping up all around here (thus making the value of the property go up), and we will have somewhere to come back to when we visit! He may rent it out temporarily to someone we know, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. We're planning to rent an apartment in the Long Beach area for a few months or so until we can get to know the community and what areas are good and what areas are not, and decide exactly where we'd like to be (there are so many towns out there). The only stipulations: there MUST be a Target, Starbucks, and Barnes & Noble in the area! :)

So now comes the not-so-fun task of resigning from our jobs. The way it's looking right now, we will be here through the end of November, and in December, we'll drive out to California, then fly to Bangkok to visit his family for a few days, fly back to LA and attempt to find an apartment, and then fly back to MS for the holidays. And then, back to California! I'm tired already. :)

As for a job for me, I'll more than likely wait until I'm out there and then try to find something. I think the whole job searching and interview process would be easier if I was actually out there. But, we'll see what happens. Maybe I'll just be a barista at Starbucks ;)

Well, I think that's about all I know for now. I will update once I know more!

Brandi (& Burin)