Friday, February 27, 2009

37 Week Update

I went for my 37 (and a half) week appointment yesterday and everything looks good! I'm dilated 1/2 cm, the baby's head is 'way' down, and she currently weighs in at 6 lbs 14 oz, which is in the 47th percentile blah blah blah statistics blah blah blah. So she'll definitely be a 7+ pounder when she gets here.

In the aftermath of the baby shower, I've been trying to get things together to pack in "the bag." Yes, that bag. The one I will hopefully remember to grab on my way out the door to the hospital. If anyone has any suggestions besides what's in the books and on websites as to what to pack, let me know!

Oh and check this out. I will be stylin' and profilin' in the hospital in my delivery "Gownie." Sorry, I will not model it for you at this time. If you want to see it, come see me in the hospital after the baby is born. :P

In other news and baby preparations, I completed the 4-week "Prepared Childbirth" class a couple of weeks ago, and this past Thursday night I took the breastfeeding class. Doesn't mean that I'm any wiser though! :D I've also been doing a little bit of baby laundry, and finally got all her bibs, receiving blankets, burp cloths, washcloths, waterproof mattress pads, socks and mittens all washed up. I still need to wash her actual clothes though, but kinda hesitant to, not knowing if she'll be able to fit into anything or not, and not knowing what the weather will be like! If I can return anything, I probably will, but just won't know until she gets here. Mom also got the layette that I wore home from the hospital 30+ years ago all washed up and ready to go - so yes, that means that Macy will be wearing the same outfit home. :)

It's all beginning to seem so real now, and it frightens me that in no less than about... oh, three weeks, we're gonna have a baby! But with some great advice from experienced mommy friends, I think we'll be just fine. ;)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby Shower!

Had a great time at my baby shower yesterday! Thank you to everyone who came and brought (or sent) gifts!! Here's a few pics.

Me in my baby shower flair: a "new mom to-be" tiara and a baby booty corsage:

The diaper cake that Amanda made. LOVE IT and will not ever want to take it apart.


My cupcake tree!

The festivities/opening gifts. (Notice the pink baby rattle balloon in the upper right corner!)

One of my favorite gifts! A burp cloth with the baby's name embroidered on it made by a previous co-worker of mine!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweet baby

Just had to post a quick picture of the vinyl wall decals that I bought from singlestonestudios on Etsy!

More to come later on my baby shower(s)!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Foto Friday

Finally. Furniture!

I love the clean, simple lines of this crib. It's not your typical "lifetime/convertible" crib (which realistically I know we would never use for a lifetime), and doesn't have the drop-side, which means it's safer. :)
The dresser/changing table combo, with her first books, stuffed bunny, and some little flowers in the cubby holes. :)
This is the "mawmaw" table, as Burin calls it. He can't stand these little tables, haha. But we already had it and I didn't want to buy anything else, so I put it in the nursery and bought a dark brown tablecloth for it.

I bought the little pink piggy bank at Hobby Lobby yesterday. It was only five bucks and I thought it was too cute not to get. :)

I will post more pics when I get the wall art in that I ordered. I also plan to paint/do something myself, just trying to come up with what (or if i can do it! haha).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Macy finally has somewhere to sleep and have her diapers changed

We got the crib and dresser/changing table combo in yesterday! Also got the bedding washed up and put in. Pics coming soon! (Wanna get some kinda artwork on the walls first) ;)