Thursday, February 11, 2010

Eleven Months

My baby girl is eleven months old - only one mere month away from her first birthday! Planning is in progress for that, even though it'll be a small shindig.

So what's Macy Blair up to right now? Well, she just started walking and she is just so proud of herself. She has five teeth (only three on the bottom - it's the weirdest thing.. that fourth one is nowhere in sight!), and the two on the top have just come through. She loves SuperWhy, Wheel of Fortune, bathtime, and books - I think she'd rather play with books than with her toys. Her favorite book right now is a little Bambi book that she wants us to read over, and over, and over, and over... though I think she likes to have any book read to her. It's so cute when she goes to get a book and bring to us to read.

She is also growing attached to a pink blanket that somebody gave me at my shower. She couldn't get attached to a small security blanket that I bought for her months ago. No, it's gotta be a big soft fuzzy blanket that I can just SEE me having to pack up everywhere we go when she gets older and really attached to it. It's ok though. There's just about nothing sweeter than a baby girl toddling around dragging her pink blankie behind her. :)

No first words yet, but we're working on it. She does seem to say "bah!" over and over when playing with her books. I don't know if she is trying to say "book," or "Bambi" maybe?

She loves to eat anything and everything bite size and crunchy - Cheerios, puffs, crackers, whatever. And bread, she loves bread. And yogurt, good lord she loves yogurt. If she will eat nothing else, she will eat yogurt. She loves to chew on a chunky green apple stick and suck the juice out of a piece of clementine or orange. And thus far, she has tried and liked American, Mexican, and Chinese food. The milder stuff, of course, but I know she likes a little bit of spiciness here and there. Like this one time (at band camp), I gave her a Hot Fry to taste and she was wanting to chow down the whole thing.

She likes to be tickled and to play peek-a-boo and for me to crawl around and 'chase' and catch her. She just collapses in a fit of laughter - which is another thing she loves to do and does a lot - laugh. And I love the fact that I can make her laugh.

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The Thornton Family said...

Oh, isn't it just so much fun now that she'll actually play with you!?!? Jake is more fun by the day - he even asks for "tickle torture"!
If I do start staying home after Baby Allie arrives, we'll have to start a play group with the other SAHMs from school. I love seeing the updates on everyone's kisd on FB and their blogs - they all seem like such fun kids!

Good luck with the party thing.