Thursday, January 15, 2009

Misread signs by Brandi

There's a store around the corner from here called Material Possessions. Every time I see the store name I get a little excited thinking it says Maternal Possessions... (omg it's a new maternity clothing store!)

Then I saw a billboard the other day advertising a casino in Vicksburg, and in big letters it said "Mystery Points." At first glance I swear I thought it said "Maternity Pants," and again got excited and was like "where?! ....... oh.."

Can you tell I'm in desperate need of somewhere else to shop for maternity clothes? I don't like it when I get let down like that.


Valerie said...

Ok- baby B is not baby B anymore- update your title girlie

Brandi and Burin said...

happy now? :P

Valerie said...