Friday, January 9, 2009

I still can't get used to it

It seems like almost every place of business I go into these days, someone is asking how far along I am, or when I am due.

I walked in the bank yesterday and the teller was like, "when are you due?" I thought she said "what do you do?" and I must have had this "come again?" look on my face (I mean, what business of it was hers what I do?), so she asked again. It finally registered, and I was like, "oh, in March." :)

Then I was in the produce section of Wal*Mart the other day and this old man comes right up next to me and asks, "how soon?" And again, I must've had this "huh..?" look on my face (you can't blame me here, it was an odd question), so he asked again. I said, "two more months."

"Whaddja order?"

"A girl." :)

And he walked off. It was kinda funny.

Maybe one of these days it won't catch me off-guard when someone asks. I guess maybe I still can't believe I'm pregnant. Or I "forget" that my belly is growing to noticeable proportions.

And I feel like my legs are getting shorter. Maybe that's because I can't see all of them when I look down.

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Amanda Matthews said...

Just wanna say you are a cute pregnant lady =P