Thursday, May 19, 2011

Disney World, Birthday, It's a Girl, Anniversary, Big Girl, Baby Girl


First, I just want to point out the date of this post. I started it back in May, but didn't finish it til the end of July. Um, yeah.

So, just some super duper quick bullet points because I should really update but I really don't feel like it and I'm really tired. So here goes.
  • We went to Disney World back in March for Macy's 2nd birthday. We came back two days early. Enough said.
  • Her Minnie Mouse birthday party turned out well though. Good times.
  • We found out that we're having another GIRL, who will be here any day now!
  • Burin and I celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary back in May (although we've been together for, you know, 11 years).
  • Macy is in a big girl bed now (as of May) and potty trained (as of June). Growing up so fast. :(
  • Did I mention, Baby Girl will be here ANY DAY NOW. Of course, she deserves her own post when she gets here, so stay tuned...

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