Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Macy update at one year old

What is our one-year-old-who-thinks-she's-two-years-old, Little Miss Macy, up to lately? Well, she is walking and going everywhere and getting into everything. She tries to run if you chase after her, she tries to kick balls or whatever else is in her way, she dances when she hears music, and she climbs on everything she can get her little legs up on. She took her first step at 10.5 months and has been going non. stop. ever since. It's so weird to me sometimes because I hear about 13 month olds who are just beginning to walk, and here Macy is owning the place.

She is blabbing up a storm and quickly learning new words. Here's her vocabulary so far:

  • bye-bye
  • mama
  • dada
  • nana (banana)
  • momo (cat.. our cat's name is Moby, but we call him MoMo)
  • momo (Elmo)
  • daw (dog)
  • baw (ball or balloon)
  • no/no-no
  • uh-ohhh!
  • bubba (bubble)


  • num (for "naam," which means water/sippy cup)
  • bah! (for "bai!" which means "let's go!")
  • gai (chicken)

Sign Language (she doesn't really know how to use these properly, but if I say the words, she can sign them)

  • eat
  • more
  • all done

She went to her one-year checkup a few weeks ago, and is average for height and weight, at 21 pounds and 29 inches. She is wearing a size 3 diaper (size 4 at night) and size 12 month clothing, with some 18 month stuff here and there, and a size 5 shoe.

And speaking of clothing, I have been loving shopping for her some spring/summer clothes - sundresses, t-shirts and shorts, and swimsuits - eep! We finally got her a little pair of sandals too, which I love. They're the white Mooshu sqeakers with the little slots for interchangeable bows! That way, she can wear the same pair of shoes, while switching out and wearing coordinating/matching bows! Needless to say, I've done a little shopping on Etsy for some bows... and thinking about learning how to make them myself.

She knows where her hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, belly button, and toes are.

She loves to play outside, which we're doing more of now with the nicer weather, and still loves to play in water either during her bathtime or at the little water fountains we've taken her to at Dogwood and Renaissance (although it's still *just* a little early for outside water play). She still sleeps about 12 hours a night with a two hour mid-day nap, and will play quietly in her crib for the longest time after she wakes up (she likes to throw all her little stuffed animals overboard). She is eating almost completely table food now, and still takes three bottles a day - morning, pre-nap, and night. I know it's about time to wean her from the bottle, but... I don't think I'm ready to. :( She's my BABY still and is growing up way too fast!

So that concludes this edition of a Macy update! Time to go make that marking on her new wall growth chart...


D:No said...

Love this update! can't wait til we get to see all these fun lil things in person....and shove her in the water fountain..that'll be fun too. ha

Christopher And Tia said...

Isn't is so amazing, watching them grow? I think right around this age is the funnest age. My Charlie is about 16 months old now, and he can sing at least 10 songs. It still blows my mind every time. "Is he really singing? Carrying a tune, and using words? Is this real life?", I ask myself as my heart flutters.

Shopping for the little clothes, eeeee, so much fun! We've stopped buying new, and are taking a vow to only buy from garage sales this summer, which means if we want to get an entires year wardrobe for all 3 of our kids, we'll have to go nearly every weekend to local sales. I don't know how long we can hold ourselves to this, but, I'm sure going to try!

Anyways, your little one is GORGEOUS, and seems to be developing at a genius rate. Grow baby, grow!

Brandi said...

@dana - i know! we can't wait for you guys to move back so macy can get to know her aunt and uncle!

@tia - thanks! your elie and charlie are adorable as well, and i'm sure the new baby will be too! and charlie can sing? 10 songs? at 16 months? very impressive! good idea about garage saling for clothes.. about 90% of macy's come from target. it's just so hard to spend a lot on baby clothes since they won't get to wear them for very long.