Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quick update...

...because I know you're ALL wondering, "What in the world happened to Brandi?" but mostly I know you're thinking, "It's about time for some more pictures of Macy!"

Well, a couple of weeks ago I cancelled the internet option on my BlackBerry, and right around the same time, my laptop crashed and died, so I have not been on the computer checking my email or facebook much at all since then because I'm not too thrilled about having to come use this big honkin' desktop.

But, I guess all this came at a good time and maybe it was a good thing to go cold turkey on computer/BlackBerry use because I was needing to do that anyway. I've been needing to try to structure my days more and do more things around the house and spend more time with Macy and all...

Things are looking up though as far as the laptop. Yes, I lost EVERYTHING on my hard drive... pictures, files, iTunes, you name it. I really don't want to think about it all. But fortunately we had a lot of pictures backed up on an external hard drive.. the one thing I'm mostly worried about right now is my iTunes. Gotta figure something out. Burin totally reformatted the computer and I think he is going to order another hard drive or something? I don't know. Hopefully I will get some pictures up soon though!

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