Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why I Love My Refrigerator

(click to enlarge if you feel so inclined)

I love going to my refrigerator. Why? Not because of what's in it (well... sometimes), but because of what's on it. I recently got out my ACEO collection and bought some of those magnet frames and stuck some on my fridge, collage-esque. I figured, what good are they doing in a binder where I can't see them? I love these little things. Tiny, affordable works of art. I think I'll be hitting up Etsy again soon to add to my collection. Wouldn't it be awesome to have my whole fridge covered with these? And if you haven't noticed, I seem to have a little theme going on....

I'll let you guess which one of these I made myself. ;)

The two chicks on the right are graduating this year! Congrats Nanci-Taylor and Courtnay!


The Thornton Family said...

the middle one?

Brandi said...

i wish.. haha.. the upper left one.. the one that required virtually no talent!

The Thornton Family said...

I like that one, but I thought the one in the middle looked like you so that's why I picked it.

Hope Macy is feeling better.

D:No said...

hmmm, a theme - seems to be girls, except for the one you made, unless I just can't see it clearly.