Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day and Fun With Iron-ons

I had a great weekend/first Mother's Day visiting with friends and family! Macy had a little fever and was not feeling too well though, poor baby. :(

I thought I'd get a little creative, if you will, and bought some iron-on letters and made an "I luv Dot" onesie. I printed off a picture and put it in a 'grandma's brag book' for my mom for Mother's Day. I going to do the same for Pop (my dad) and put a picture in a frame for Father's Day next month!

Macy is two months old today! I'll do a two-month update after her appointment on Wednesday to get her shots. That is, if she'll be able to get them since she's been having fever (again today).

1 comment:

The Thornton Family said...

What a cute idea! I bet your mom loved it.
I'm sorry she's feeling bad. Hope she feels better soon.
BTW - you look great!