Friday, February 6, 2009

Foto Friday

Finally. Furniture!

I love the clean, simple lines of this crib. It's not your typical "lifetime/convertible" crib (which realistically I know we would never use for a lifetime), and doesn't have the drop-side, which means it's safer. :)
The dresser/changing table combo, with her first books, stuffed bunny, and some little flowers in the cubby holes. :)
This is the "mawmaw" table, as Burin calls it. He can't stand these little tables, haha. But we already had it and I didn't want to buy anything else, so I put it in the nursery and bought a dark brown tablecloth for it.

I bought the little pink piggy bank at Hobby Lobby yesterday. It was only five bucks and I thought it was too cute not to get. :)

I will post more pics when I get the wall art in that I ordered. I also plan to paint/do something myself, just trying to come up with what (or if i can do it! haha).