Friday, November 30, 2007

Final stop: Cypress, CA

We left Tucson around 11:30 yesterday morning and made it to Phoenix about an hour and a half later, where we stopped to visit my aunt and uncle in Glendale. I haven't seen them in probably over a year, so it was nice to make a pit stop by their house and see where they live! Aunt Hazel had made some brownies and they were sooo good.....mmm..... wish I had one right now. Oh wait, I can have one right now because she sent some for the road. :)

We stayed about an hour at their house and had to hit the road again. I tried my darndest to get a picture of a cactus, so here's a picture of one I got through the window while driving about 75 miles an hour. Why I didn't get a picture of one in one of their neighbor's yards, yea, I dunno. I guess I thought it'd be more of a challenge to find one while flying down the interstate. I like to keep things interesting.

So anyway, we made it to Burin's friend's house here in Cypress, CA, which is somewhere between LA and Long Beach, around 9:00 last night. Burin had an appointment/drug test/etc with the company he will be working for this morning, so I'm here waiting for him to get back. This afternoon I think we're going to go look around at houses and/or apartments, and do any last minute things since we're leaving for Bangkok in the morning.

And one last bit of exciting news for Southern Californians: it is raining, and I mean pouring this morning!! From what I understand, it has been quite a while since they've seen rain, and I'm sure with all the recent wildfires, they're glad to see it. I'm sure some kind of record is being set right now. Of course it would have to be the day we had planned to go out and look at apartments and all. Nice. :)

(Ok so maybe the rain isn't such good news.. it has resulted in flash flooding, mudslides, and fatal car accidents. eep!)


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