Thursday, December 31, 2009

A year, or two, in review

Wow, I can't believe I didn't do a 'year in review' this time last year, because, well, 2008 was pretty exciting. We moved to and from SoCal, went to tapings of Deal or No Deal and The Price is Right, experienced an earthquake. Went to Bangkok a time or three (and got 'married' there). Got engaged, officially. Found out we were expecting, subsequently found out it was a girl.

But I think 2009 has been the best year yet for me, for obvious reasons. The main reason being a super cute little girl named Macy. Then, after over nine years together, Burin and I finally ran down to the courthouse and got married.

I hope 2010 is good to us, and I'm sure it will be. I hope it's good to you, too.

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Amanda said...

Congrats on getting married! It was a good year for getting married :) Your baby is adorable!!