Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Four Months

Macy had her four-month checkup today. Here's the stats, because I know you all want to know.

Weight: 14 lbs 12 oz (2 lbs heavier than two months ago)
Height: 24 1/2 in (1 1/2 inches longer than two months ago)
Head: 40 cm (err.. no change..)

Sorry Valerie, they didn't write down the percentiles this time!


D:No said...

does she have a little alfalfa sprout? hehehe

The Thornton Family said...

She's getting so big! She 2-feet tall now!
For some reason I think it's funny when you can say that about a baby.

She's getting cuter and cuter.
You're going to have to drop her bed down before you know it!


Brandi said...

lol, she does have a little sprout! don't you love it?! (i think it was actually bed-head)

and yes, she is two feet tall! i was just saying the other day to burin how funny it would look if little babies could walk! anyway, she's not actually pulling up or anything yet, she was sitting on her booty in the crib and was kinda leaning forward a little bit. in one of them she was standing but i was holding her up with one hand. so hopefully it will be a while before i have to drop the bed down! lol