Friday, September 12, 2008

In case you haven't heard...

We've got a baby on the way, due in mid-March, and we are all terribly excited! I am 13 weeks right now and I'm not really showing yet, but when I do start to get that baby bump, I'll post pics.

I had my first pre-natal appointment on September 4, and everything looked great. The baby looked healthy and was doing acrobatics, martial arts, gymnastics, something! The baby was so excited to see us that its arms and legs were flying everywhere - it was so cute! And the heart rate was 162 which is really good.

I cannot wait to find out if our little bean is a boy or girl! Then I can really start focusing on names and nursery themes/colors! :D

It also occurred to me yesterday that I'll be celebrating the next Mother's Day!

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lauren o said...

Brandi, I am so excited for you! A baby sure does change your life but for the better!!! CONGRATS!!