Friday, August 8, 2008

Ants are going to pick me up and carry me away.

Any day now, I'm just waiting for it. I'm waiting for my chair to slowly start gliding across the floor.


They are everywhere. Mostly in the kitchen, but it doesn't matter. Upstairs, downstairs, wherever. I have put probably twice the legal amount of insecticide out in the yard, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of, ohh, 30-something ant baits on the floors, counters, and cabinets. I'm sick of having to keep my cereal and Blow Pops in the refrigerator. I try REALLY hard to keep my counters clean and to keep Moby's little eating station cleaned, but NOTHING IS WORKING.

What's the next step? Get used to them already, or call the exterminator? Because apparently my extermination skills are lacking.

HALP. :(

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