Friday, July 11, 2008

Update update!

We're still engaged! But no wedding plans yet. At all.

Tenneille came out and visited me a couple of weeks ago and we had a blast! The day she got here we went to Universal Studios, which was a lot of fun. Now, I'm not a fan of The Simpsons or anything (and I'm especially not fond of the "are we there yet?" commercials), but that new Simpsons ride was frikken awesome! I wanted to do it again but did not want to stand in that line again. Most of the other rides and attractions there was pretty cool too. Another day we went to Disneyland, which was ok, just a lot of kids and kiddie stuff. Most of the rides there were pretty amazing though. And OMG! we saw an actor there with his kids and a couple other people. His name is Rick Gomez and I only know him as Dave from the sadly-cancelled TV show "What About Brian," which was on for only a couple of seasons, last year maybe. He also had a very small part in that Transformers movie.

What else did we do. Oh! We went to The Price is Right! (I know, we're sooo cheesy). But it was so much fun! The waiting process was long and ridiculous, as in we got there before 6am to attend the 1pm taping. It was pretty rad though, and the studio of course looks so much smaller in person than it does on TV. The show came on yesterday morning and I saw us a couple of times!

The rest of the time we just rode around (because gas is just sooo cheap here) and went up to Malibu, the Santa Monica Pier, Huntington Beach, Hollywood, etc. Next time we'll try to make it to Jay Leno or something.


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