Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Once Upon a Time...

...I was tagged by Valerie to post seven random facts about myself. Um.. here goes:

1. I love cheese.
2. I have collections of the following items: ACEOs, stamps, postcards, coins, and those pennies that you get pressed into an oval that imprints an image or something from the touristy place that you are at. (All these things are from around the world)
3. I love to travel and have been to Europe and Asia. My goal is to visit each continent. :)
4. I broke my ankle playing tennis about six years ago.
5. Growing up I never had any pets. Or a swingset.
6. I have a cat named Moby now. Still no swingset.
7. I've never had a cavity.
And a bonus: I've been in the same dang relationship for eight years! (not married, not engaged... *sigh*)
And a shameless promo: I have an Etsy store in which I sell bottlecap magnets that I make because I get bored! www.moxiecreations.etsy.com!

I would tag people if I had anybody to tag!

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Valerie said...

Ok ready for a new post already! What is the latest on the move?